Field Recording

There is something called “field recording,” which describes the act of leaving the studio and recording sounds outdoors.This has been developed not only as a method of documentation, but also as a method whereby the recorded sounds become materials used in music composition.This makes the sounds of our surroundings, which were not deliberate, as though they were deliberate. Through this act of listening, in what ways can the world be rediscovered? It is a process which demands that kind of creative attitude.
Although the development of high quality digital portable recorders has expanded the scale of this act, when we turn our eyes towards the creation of things which have physical form, in what ways has the development of digital technology brought forth creativity?
Try to expand the altered view points brought about by field recording into the creation of material objects.
Swap a portable recorder for a handy 3D scanner, leave the studio and go out into the town. This is the practice of choosing the collected data, editing, and finally recreating it on a digital platform to create a new model. For the creation of music, which is shapeless, there are common elements that are developed with the creation of things which have shape. Technology is making that distance shorter.Ultimately, unconcerned with whether something is formless or not, this is thought of as an essential viewpoint with a direct connection to human creativity.


PROJECT NAME:Field Recording



PHOTO: Masayuki Hayashi (1,4-7,10-13,16-18)


MUSIC: Taishi Kamiya